Bucharest Beauty Salon In Baneasa and Dorobanti Area

1Dream Beauty Studio is a beauty salon in Bucharest dedicated to creating fabulous unique looks, meant to offer you the satisfaction and delight of a long-awaited change. Designed to guide and inspire you in terms of beauty services, 1Dream Beauty Studio welcomes you with a team of very talented stylists as well as an excellent range of products, under the guidance of Raluca Racovita, makeup artist and stylist.

Raluca Racovita

Makeup artist and Hair stylist with over 15 years of experience; her seriousness, passion and dedication have made 1Dream one of the best salons in Bucharest.

Let The Dream Come True!

Works Made In 1Dream Salons

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vopsit par gri
vopsit par grey
vopsit suvite balayage
vopsit par rose balayage

Are you looking for Beauty Services at the Highest Standards? You can find them at 1Dream Salon

Beauty Salon 1Dream Studio - Bucharest (close to the Promenada Mall, Baneasa area) is the ideal choice when it comes to beauty at the highest level. If you also want to benefit from professional services such as epilation ›, dyeing›, cosmetics ›, make-up› or manicure ›then here is the right place. Are you looking for a salon for dyeing your hair in Bucharest? You found it! From dyeing balayage> to the most modern hair shades, we love any challenge! We are proud of our creativity and imagination. To believe that we are the best hair dyeing salon in Bucharest, see pictures of dyed hair coming directly from the hands of our specialists

Here are the services you can enjoy at 1Dream Salon - beauty salon


You can benefit from a haircut in this salon like you have never seen before. Every client leaves our beauty salon satisfied after having a haircut.


Besides the haircut, we also take care of the hairstyle. We are just the best hair salon in sector 1. Regardless of the event you have, our specialists will help you with tips to look your best and to choose the type of hairstyle that suits you.


Are you looking for a hair dye salon in Bucharest? We can dye your hair the way you want or you can leave it to our creative hand. Also in our salon we perform the balayage technique. You can see more pictures and prices from our salon for this technique on our website.


From time to time your hair also needs a mouthful of air. For this we offer you the best treatments for pampering your hair.


At our beauty salon we will take care of your makeup. Makeup is the one that must highlight the natural beauty and, if it is well done, it can even make you shine. And this is what we do.


We are also a beauty salon because we also offer different treatments for your face. We use only quality products and equipment so that the end result is one beyond measure.


Are you looking for a manicure and pedicure salon, but you don't know where to go? Because we have them all in one place, that means you can come to us to get the pampering your nails need. At the same time, if you need gel nails, we also offer this service in our salon.


We know how important hair removal is for you. We also know how difficult it is to find a good hair removal salon in Bucharest. In this beauty salon you can also epilate very easily and we use which method suits you best.


Needle mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that acts on cellulite, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles or localized fat deposits. For this intradermal therapy, very thin needles are used that inject directly into the problem areas some active substances that have a curative role, without causing pain.


Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive procedure that destroys excess fat cells. This treatment acts based on freezing the area where you want to eliminate fat. During the freezing treatment, other areas such as collagen fibers or the skin tegument will not be affected, but only the fat cells. After the cryolipolysis sessions, the elimination of excess fats from the body begins gradually. This treatment is an effective alternative to liposuction.


Women who want to get rid of epilatory care can resort to permanent hair removal. Technology based on intense pulsed light (IPL) has the role of permanently removing unwanted hair from any part of the body. This light damages the hair follicles without damaging the adjacent tissue. The heat caused to the follicle destroys the cells that nourish the hair.


When you are concerned about your look, the health of your skin in general, be sure that you need professional cosmetics. Cosmetic services are based primarily on the recognition by a good beautician of any problems that your skin shows when you come to a beauty salon


We say it with certainty that we are one of the best salons in Bucharest. We take care of our clients with professionalism and care. If we still haven't convinced you, then we give you some more reasons to visit us:

  • Experts in makeover, dyeing, bleaching, treatments and permanent hair removal
  • We are experienced in advanced dyeing techniques such as balayage, highlights
  • Services and products are of the highest quality
  • The whole team puts soul and dedication into everything it does
  • We have in our portfolio several thousand satisfied clients
  • We offer a wide range of beauty services
  • The atmosphere is pleasant in the salon, we have ambient music and friendly staff
  • We have professional equipment for cosmetics and hairdressing (latest generation)
  • The salons are located in exclusive areas, respectively Nordului and Dorobanti

This Is The Place Where Beauty Dreams Come True

1Dream is a Beauty Salon where experts know that physical appearance and beauty are extremely important today. That is why we consider ourselves the best salon in Bucharest. We offer you moments of happiness and pampering through our complete services of hairdressing, hair dyeing, cosmetics, nails and permanent hair removal. In order to be able to fulfill all your dreams, it is necessary to feel good and have total confidence in yourself. That is why you need a beauty salon, with professional services at the highest level, adapted to your needs and desires.

Beauty and pampering at 1Dream beauty salon

Every woman wants to feel pampered when she goes to a beauty salon in Bucharest. 1Dream Beauty Studio is the perfect place when it comes to happy clients. Moreover, here you can find a wide range of beauty services that you can try with confidence. In addition to the special treatment you will receive, at 1Dream Beauty Studio you can benefit from a wide range of services that we provide. We offer hair treatments professionally made by an experienced hair stylist, hairstyle, haircut, dyeing, balayage dyeing, highlights, evening and bridal hairstyles, hair braids, professional makeup both evening and day, gel nails, professional manicure, and, most importantly, counseling to get the most suitable look for you. Modern and elegant at the same time, designed to offer a warm atmosphere to those who visit it. Do you want a fabulous and unique look? Come to 1Dream Beauty Studio in Baneasa area (near Mall Promenada) Beauty Salon - 1Dream Beauty Studio.

Modern si totodata elegant, conceput astfel incat sa ofere o atmosfera calda celor ce ii pasesc pragul. Vrei un look fabulos si unic? Vino in salonul 1Dream Beauty Studio in zona Baneasa (aproape de Mall Promenada) Beauty Salon – 1Dream Beauty Studio

Find out more about 1Dream Beauty salon

1Dream Beauty Studio is a beauty salon in Bucharest located in Baneasa (Aviatiei). It is famous for the spectacular and unique look creations it offers to its clients. We are recommended by the experience that our specialists have in terms of beauty. This salon is under the guidance of Raluca Racovita, who has over 15 years of experience in this beauty industry. We are a team of talented and creative people who know how to make a client feel and look good. Beauty is an art and we know it. Beauty salon in Bucharest located in sector 1, close to Baneasa. This is a luxury salon that our clients highly recommend.